Yield Management Services


Outsource the Yield Management and Online activities to HWS. Having an external professional offer many advantages: can start from day 1, they know the different players in the industry, they don’t have holidays and are never sick, there’s always someone dealing with the property!

At HWS, we are hoteliers, we know the business, we have been working in 4 and 5* properties, in France, UK, Spain, as front office manager, sales director, general manager, and working for the leading OTA Expedia for 14 years.

We can work together to define the activities you would like to outsource to HWS, here are some of the services we can provide:

1. Digital Presence Analysis (Audit)
Your partners (OTAs), website, booking engine, e-reputation
HWS Recommendations

2. Setting up Channel Manager
We set up the Channel Manager, connect your existing OTAs, update inventory & prices, update content and photos

3. Pricing & Digital strategies
We define the pricing strategy (By segment, markets, distribution channels, business & leisure, type of room), manage the rate parity, promotional strategy (By markets, Package, Added value), Strategy UpSelling & Cross Selling…
We communicate with the OTAs (quarterly meeting organized with Expedia’s market manager and Booking with HWS and the hotel management)

4. Website
Website Creation (Template HotelRunner), Booking Engine Integration, Update website content, improve SEO, Creation and implementation of packages on booking engine for direct booking, Coupon creation, Booking Engine Integration on Facebook Page and Google Hotel Ads Page..

5. Revision of B2B, B2C contracts
To ensure better parity, we call help you reviewing your B2B and B2C contracts

6. Development of new and relevant partnerships
Selection and connection of new B2B / B2C partners on the channel manager, Insertion on Flash Sales – Spot to negotiate with the different partners (Misterfly, VeryChic, Private Travel …), Local agencies contract

7. Quarterly presentation of results
Including statistics of the most important partners, reviewing Strategy for the next quarter

8. Other services we could offer

  • Creation or Refresh Custom Website
  • Creation Pop-ups to highlight offers / coupons
  • New photos
  • 360 degree photos
  • Payment module integration (Paypal, Stripe, or Coming Payzone)
  • Implementation of a software to generate more direct sales on the site of the hotel (software in supplement)
  • On-site training (revenue, cross selling, e-commerce …)
  • Marketing Actions – Expedia Travel Ads, Tripconnect, SEM, FB Ads …(Budget allocated by the hotel)
  • Representation in international fairs (signing of new contracts)
  • Mistery Guest services


List non exhaustive.




3 words: Experience, Network, Trust in the market.
We help the world´s leading travel brand to access the African market with minimal effort and investment

Africa is not a Country, we know it, reason why we are successful

15 K+

Database of more than 15K properties in Africa

50 countries

Team, Agents or Resellers locally based covering the African continent

50 years

Of combined experience in the hotel, online, technology industry