Christophe BAZILLE
Founder & Managing Director

Christophe BAZILLE

Christophe has been in the tourism industry for almost 30 years: 6 years of hotel school, 8 years in different properties and positions in France and UK.

Then, from 2004 till 2018, he was apart apart of Expedia, building and growing African countries, opening new markets for the OTA, focusing on acquiring properties and educating our partners, in a time when there was no smartphones, when the online share was less than 10% and there was not even a revenue manager in Morocco.

For the last 4 years, Christophe has been the Director of the Africa, Israel and Indian Ocean team, a team of more than 70 people from 12 different nationalities and different culture and religions. They opened new offices in Marrakech, Cairo and Mauritius during that period and we doubled the team.

Christophe is passionate about Tourism, Online business, Technology, Hotels, Africa and of course Travel which combines all his passions.

On the personal side Christophe is happily married, 4 kids, (from 1 to 18 years old), that keep him on his toes and young at heart , currently living in Spain for 15 years but spending half of the years on the road.

Co-Founder & Business Development Director


With almost 15 years of experience comprising of; 5 years senior Oracle Hospitality experience, 5 years channel managers and connectivity experience connecting SME hotels to large OTAs and 3 years General Management of a large hospitality property, Reda has mastered a number of skills that are all brought together to give him a very particular and very helpful insight into Hospitality, Digital Marketing, Technology and Finance.

Using these acquired skills, Reda has successfully managed to be apart of many fruitful iniatives.

When he is not fixing up the problems of hotels ….. Reda can either be found in the Atlas in his vineyard or enjoying his travels to beach destinations.

Kriselda ERIN
Director of Sales

Kriselda ERIN

Raised and Educated in South Africa, Kriselda started in the Hospitality Industry in 2011. After spending 4 years in Front Office Management, Reservations and Sales as well as Guest Relationship Management in Fes, she moved on to operation management and sales for a further 2 years for 5 separate establishment under one management company in Marrakech.
She then gained a further 2,5 years experience a know how running operations and the sales division for a large property in Marrakech.

With her hands on management style and knowledge of guest needs, her experience is invaluable in determining and maintaining processes to keep guest satisfaction up steadily.

Outside of the workplace, Kriselda can be found at home, appreciating the quiet and a good book.